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Smart Ventilation System

We install Smart Ventilation Systems (SVS) to homes across Southampton and the South West. If you are looking to improve the air quality in your home, an SVS could be an ideal solution. The system can adjust the ventilation rates in your home depending on the weather conditions, and it can report to you on energy consumption, air quality and so much more.

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Control The Moisture Levels Within Your Property

What Is A Smart Ventilation System?

A Smart Ventilation System (SVS) works by controlling the ventilation inside your home. As a smart device, it can be linked to your smart home appliances and controlled via your smartphone, tablet, etc.

It works by filtering moisture from the air, keeping your home free from damp and allergens that can cause asthma and other health concerns.

Many houses within the UK suffer from damp or air quality issues due to poor ventilation. By installing an SVS, you can tackle these problems head on, with the added bonus of controlling your heating and other energy bills. The smart device will inform you of energy consumption, air quality and much more, giving you full control.

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The Main Benefits Of A Smart Ventilation System

An SVS has many benefits and will prove to be a worthy investment. They are easy to install, take up minimal space and provide a wealth of benefits to homeowners, including:

  • The ventilation system will reduce moisture and humidity in the air, as well as filtering out allergens such as pollen, dust and more.
  • It will improve your energy efficiency and sustainability by allowing you complete control over your energy usage.
  • It will improve air quality and therefore will improve your overall health.
  • It’s the perfect option for asthma sufferers or others suffering with respiratory health issues.
  • With remote control access, you will have full control over your system.


The attic is usually the best place for your system to be installed. We will then install vents in your ceilings. If you do not have a roof space that is suitable, we will position it elsewhere. This will be discussed in your free home survey with us, when you enquire.

Yes, we can install an SVS in your multi-storey home. We can install vents to multiple areas of the home to ensure sufficient air circulation from your system.

You will have access to an app which will give you a variety of information on your ventilation system, including:

  • Reminders to change filters
  • Information on the humidity in your home
  • Unit status updates
  • Control over heating, airflow and more

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