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Loft Insulation Installers

If you are looking for loft insulation installers in Southampton, we’re the team for the job. With many years’ experience fitting loft insulation in a huge range of property types, our team has the knowledge and expertise to carry out your project with precision, care and attention to detail.

Using only high-quality insulation, we will ensure that your home is effectively insulated, keeping the warmth in. With energy bills constantly rising and fluctuating, high-quality insulation that will keep your home warm during the winter months is a must!

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Keep Your Property Energy Efficient

Cut Your Energy Bills With Loft Insulation

Over a quarter of the heat in your home is lost through the roof. Old and inadequate loft insulation – or simply no insulation at all – allows heat to escape. Heat rises, and so it makes sense that the most amount of heat lost is through the roof of your property.

Installing new insulation can not only keep your home warm, but it can also reduce your heating bills by a considerable amount. Alongside this, it will keep you safe during the winter months and increase your property’s value.

High-quality insulation is a must, especially as energy prices are rising. When installed properly by professional installers such as ourselves, your loft insulation will pay for itself over and over again.

Worker Thermally Insulating House Attic With Glass Wool
Worker Insulate The Attic With Mineral Wool

Why Should I Replace My Loft Insulation?

If your house is older and hasn’t had the insulation inspected or replaced, it could be due. You may not know how that insulation was installed or even if it was done by a professional company. You also don’t know whether it was installed over damp, whether it has rodents living in it or if it has suffered any water or fire damage.

If your loft insulation is compromised in any way, it will not perform effectively. You must replace it if you suspect there is any issue with your current insulation.

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Installing insulation yourself might seem like a good idea, but really it is not recommended.  Professional installers will inspect your entire roof, making sure that your new insulation will offer you optimum efficiency. We can spot and treat things like dry and wet rot, condensation or damp problems and make sure that your new installation is optimised. 

Yes it can, however ventilation will need to be taken into consideration before you insulate your loft. Insulating over the top of damp can exacerbate the problem and cause harm to your existing structure.

If damp concerns you, please contact our team for a free home survey.

Loft insulation can last for a very long time and may not need to be replaced often, if at all. However, if you have recently bought an older property, it is worth having the roof space inspected. Over the years damp, rodents, and even fire, could have impacted the lifespan of the current insulation, in which case it might benefit from a replacement.

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