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Damp Proofing

Our damp proofing services are perfect if you have noticed damp appearing in your property, or you wish to prevent it from happening in the future.

Good ventilation and insulation are key to ensuring the prevention of damp. With our services, we will damp proof your home, keeping you and your property safe. We can apply damp proofing methods to walls and floors to keep damp out and warmth in.

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Keeping Your Home Free From Moisture

How Do I know I Have Damp?

Spotting the early signs of damp can be the best way to prevent it getting worse. Spotting damp is easy. Here is a little guide on how you can spot damp forming in your home:


This forms when there isn’t enough ventilation in your property. You may notice droplets forming on your ceilings in bedrooms or hallways. This condensation can then lead to mould and mildew forming in those areas.

Bad Odours

You may be able to smell damp before you see it. High humidity can cause damp in places you may not be able to see, such as behind furniture. You may start to smell a musty, damp, or stale smell in certain rooms.

Black Colouration

When mould starts to form on your walls or ceilings, you may start noticing black spots appearing, which over time will get worse. Check behind furniture or corners of ceilings.

Flaking Wallpaper & Plaster

If your wallpaper is starting to bubble or flake away, this could be a sign that moisture is forming under it. Plaster may also start to deteriorate as moisture builds up.

Wet Walls

Feel if your walls are damp. Condensation will form on walls as it hits the cooler surface, this may also not be that easy to see, so feeling your walls are a good way to see if this is happening.

External Damage

External factors can cause internal issues. If you have a leaking gutter, water leak or cracks in your masonry, these issues will start to affect the inside of your property. Check your brickwork for stains, mould or algae, as well as broken bricks and cracks.

Free Home Surveys

If you think you have a damp problem, give us a call, and we will come out and survey your home for free!

Damp can appear anywhere in a property, and there’s many reasons why it can occur. The presence of damp can make the symptoms of some health conditions worse, such as asthma. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to resolve damp issues as quickly as possible.

We will give your property a thorough check to diagnose the damp cause and offer our expert opinions and advice. Our damp proofing services are effective and long-lasting, giving you complete peace of mind.

Man With Nose Mouth Protection Measures The Moisture Level On A Wall With Mildew
White Wall Affected With Mold In Room

Our Damp Proofing Services


You could try and treat damp yourself, however this might only be a temporary fix. You would need to find the root of the problem in order to treat accordingly.

Without a highly experienced professional company working with you, this could be very difficult. We would always recommend getting in touch with a company such as ours to diagnose and treat your problem.

Damp in your home could cause a variety of health issues if left untreated. Respiratory issues are the main concern when it comes to living in a damp home. Mouldy environments can cause infections and increase asthma and allergies.

There are a number of ways you can prevent damp in your home, including:

  • Good quality insulation in your walls and roof
  • Good ventilation in all rooms of your home. Our smart ventilation systems are perfect for controlling this
  • Ensure your gutter systems and building structures are in good condition

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